Marco Salerno


For many years he has been interested in "Early Music", both as a maker and as a musician. He began to study music as a self-taught guitarist, ultimately achieving a level of master in guitar in 1986 from the Naples Conservatory. Both during and after his studies, Marco performed many concerts as a soloist and with several groups around Europe.
At that time he also studied and played the cornet, receiving acclaim in many significant concert performances, and also played in various ensembles with other instruments, like the lute and viol.


Being a musician of early music, in addition to nurturing his passion for the construction of period instruments, has surely enriched his knowledge of and background in making.

Moreover, through the study and reproduction of originals held in museums, and by way of the study of painting and iconography, he tries to establish a correlation between ancient musical practice and the requirements of a modern player who relates to today's public.

Marco started making instruments with a friend in 1978, and since 1996 he has worked exclusively as a luthier, selling his more than 900 instruments to musicians all over the world.


For many years he has taken part in the most important exhibitions in the world: Musicora (France), Musikmesse (Germany) , Tage Alter Musik Regensburg (German ), Saint Chartier (France), Festival van Vlaanderen Brugge (Belgium), Cremona Mondomusica (Italy), Festival of Early Music (England), Strumenti della musica antica (Italy), BEMF Exibition (USA), Oudemuziek Utrecht (Holland), Festival international de viole de gambe D'Asfelt (France), Festival de Música Antigua de Sevilla (Spain).

Luthiery courses

He is a teacher in his own workshop. He has collaborated with the Leonardo Project of the EU with courses sponsored by the Lazio regional government, instructing young people who want to follow luthiery as a career path.

Kinds of instrument

He makes viols, violins, violas, cellos, lutes, harps and any kind of historical reproductions from the Renaissance till the Baroque, and a wide variety of instruments reconstructed from Medieval and Renaissance iconography.

The Workshop

Equipped to support a large amount of work, we have ample space to work either by hand or machine. Located in Ordis, Girona, we have found the ideal place with the peace and quiet necessary to concentrate on building.

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